The cure for achy joints is JELLO!?

My all-time favorite childhood snack was jello.

I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And I still love it as an adult, but these days I don’t eat much of it because it’s filled with sugar.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered I could make my own jello at home?

Where I can control how much sugar is in it…

But the BEST part about this jello is… it helps me manage my achy and inflamed knees!

See, I recently came across this vegan jello recipe.

In this recipe, the author uses CBD oil to give her jello cups a therapeutic kick.

So I made them the other day, and oh my!

Not only are they delicious and I can eat as many as my heart desires…

But it’s also a nice break from having to take my oil and hold it under the tongue.

So if you want a fun way of taking your CBD oil, give the recipe a try.

The best part about this recipe is you can make your jello shots of different flavors

You can make them with:

So which one are you going to make? 

Let me know, I’d love to hear



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