Do your fingers feel like they’re being crushed from the inside?

Have you heard of Dr. Jo?

She’s a physical therapist who has a cult-like following on Youtube.

I didn’t hear about her until recently.

But this therapist is one of the two ways my friend Deborah was able to get fast pain relief in her hands…

And get back to her favorite hobby this winter – knitting.

See, Deborah has been feeling a lot of pain in her hands lately.

She got diagnosed with joint inflammation a while ago, but with all the stress of 2020…

Her pain got a whole lot worse.

She’d often say to me –

My finger joints on my right hand feel like they’re being crushed from the inside”

But when she asked her doctor about helping with the breath-stealing pain…

They told her that there was nothing much she could do.

Now, there’s something you need to know about Deborah.

She doesn’t take a no for an answer.

So, determined to figure out a way to help with her pain she started to search for alternative ways.

That’s what led her to stumble across Dr. Jo’s Youtube channel.

There, she found a short video that showed stretches for painful hands.

And amazingly, after just a couple of days of doing these short drills, her pain subsided.

It didn’t go away completely, but her hands and fingers had way more flexibility.

She no longer struggled to hold pots and pans.

And she could even carry her grocery bags with only the tiniest bit of pain.

(Whereas before, she’d be gritting her teeth after traveling just 10 yards with them.)

Excited by these results, she called me and told me everything about this Dr. Jo.

So I went to check her out.

I tried the stretches… and to my surprise, even my old hands are feeling much better.

It feels like I’ve got much more grip strength.

And I can even straighten my fingers all the way – Something which I haven’t been able to do for years.

So I wanted to share this video with you too.

In case you struggle with sore knuckles, try these stretches by Dr. Jo:

Chat soon,


P.s. After discovering these stretches, Deborah also added a CBD oil to get the regime. 

She found the combination of exercises and our CBD Orange Creame Oil is perfect to keep her painful knuckles at ease.

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