Can this oil help with incapacitating headaches?

Did you know…

Over 4 million migraine attacks happen every day in the United States?

To put things into perspective, that’s triple the number of people populating the entire state of New Hampshire.

What’s more, women are 3x more likely to suffer from severe headaches than men.

And according to[1] more than $93.8 Million was spent on Excedrin Migraine alone in 2017.

Those who’ve never experienced migraines don’t know how gruesome and paralyzing the attacks can be.

In fact, a single migraine can last for up to three agonizing days.

While medication can certainly help, most have terrible side effects like:

  • – Nausea, 
  • – Vomiting, 
  • – Uncontrollable shakes, 
  • – Even more headaches
  • – Seizures, and 
  • – In some cases even addictions.

Plus, medications are only part of the story…

As they only help to reduce the pain when the attack has already happened.

But, if you suffer from painful migraines, you know that the worst part…

Not knowing when the pain will hit you, and suddenly being disabled for hours on end.

But what if there was a way to reduce incapacitating attacks without these nasty side effects?

Turns out, there might be.

All thanks to the power of the hemp plant.

There are many skeptics when it comes to CBD and its health benefits.

But it’s hard to argue with science.

Various different studies looked at whether hemp extract could be useful to maintain a headache-free living.

And the results are fascinating!

One study reported a stunning 39.7% of people reported having fewer headache attacks overall [2].

In these studies, scientists suggested using hemp supplements on a daily basis vs a one-off basis for the best results.

So if you suffer from frequent severe headaches…

And you’ve tried everything under the sun — with little to no improvements…

Then give our CBD capsules a try.

It might be just the thing you’re missing out on.

The best part about our Royal Blend CBD capsules is they’re “pre-dosed”

Each capsule includes 25mg of CBD.

This means you don’t have to guess or do any math calculations about how many droplets to take at a time.

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[1] “40 Migraine Statistics and interesting facts” MedAlertHelp dot org, blog post. 

[2] “Effects of Medica Marijuana and Migraine Headache Frequency in Adult Population”, Rhyne D., et al. Pharmacotherapy, 2016 

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